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A song tribute - We believe

One of our longest serving staff members, Liza Metcalfe, has invited us to share her personal experience of migrating to Australia and working at Somerville through song.

Liza migrated to Australia with her parents and youngest brother, leaving behind 6 older siblings and a large extended family. Her parents made the difficult decision to migrate to Australia in the hopes of a building brighter future for Liza and her brother.

After finding a job at Somerville Community Services, Liza found the assimilation in Australian society much easier. The staff culture at Somerville helped her understand and embody the Australian values and culture, and gave her the courage to be where she is today.

Nearly 30 years on, she feels it is time to share her journey and inspire others.

Liza’s song is about diversity, opportunities and that we all have a story to tell.

Photo: Liza put together a choir made up of volunteers among the Somerville staff to sing her song at several events, including the launch of the book “Crossing the Divide” (shown below).

We Believe

We Believe
By Liza and Dean Metcalfe

I travelled a million miles
To a place I longed to be
In search of love and happiness
Of freedom and success

Today I met the many faces
Our lives are worlds apart
Somehow I know I'll be ok
They welcome me with open arms

I have the courage to be different 
I have the courage to be unique
I have the courage to be someone 
I never thought I'd ever be 

So many different stories
About people's lives to tell
Their voyage to this new world 
is incredible to share

This journey is not yet over
I have many thoughts to spread
Today we can be united
Let our values reconnect

Chorus (2x)

We believe
We believe 
We believe
In everybody's journey. 

We believe...