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Carolyn Cendo - 35 Years of Service

Carolyn Cendo receiving certificate for 35 years of service

Congratulations to Carolyn Cendo who has been part of the Somerville team for an extraordinary 35 Years!

Carolyn joined Somerville in 1985 and worked in childcare before being seconded to an administration role in Somerville’s main office.

Carolyn undertook Executive Assistant roles, acted as Administration Manager, worked in purchasing and HR. Over decades Carolyn has been responsible for recruiting more staff than anyone else. Assuming responsibility for managing and supporting the casual workforce across disability services to ensure rostering in our houses was consistently maintained.

Carolyn has volunteered at hundreds of Somerville events and is a strong advocate for Somerville. Working on Somerville stalls in many locations across Darwin giving freely of her own time. Carolyn has been a great ambassador for Somerville, proud to share the great work that Somerville does in the community.

Carolyn has done this without seeking the limelight, just going about what she does in a very unassuming way.

Congratulations Carolyn and thank you for the outstanding contribution you have made to Somerville over 35 Years. You are a Champion!!