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Family Services

Family Services is the community welfare arm of Somerville. The role of the service is to assist people to participate in society at the greatest level to which they aspire and are capable of achieving. Family Services staff work with people of all ages – children, adolescents and adults, and can work with families, couples or individuals. They assist anyone who is experiencing a crisis or problem in their life.

The service is confidential and free of charge. Staff provide counselling and psychotherapy, practical, emotional and educative support, financial counselling and short to medium term supported accommodation. The service offers advocacy, liaison and referral to other agencies and professionals. While the services that are offered vary greatly, they each have a common theme – that is:

To empower people to exert control over their own lives.

Family Services operate from an eclectic base of counsellors, support workers and financial counsellors. These experienced and qualified counsellors often work as an integrated team with two or three assisting the same family with a broad range of issues.

These services are available in Darwin, Palmerston, Katherine and the surrounding areas.