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Safeguarding Children Accreditation

Nationally relevant, Safeguarding Children accreditation clearly communicates to children, young people and their families that the organisation values the safety of children and young people.

It also demonstrates to governments, funding bodies and other stakeholders an ongoing organisational commitment to best practice and quality improvement in relation to the protection of children and young people.

What is the Safeguarding Children Program?

The Safeguarding Children Program is a unique voluntary accreditation scheme for organisations who have a duty of care to children and young people whilst delivering a service or activity to them and/or their families.

The Program systematically builds the capacity of organisations to keep children and young people safe from abuse and exploitation by staff, volunteers or other relevant related individuals.
The Safeguarding Children Program supports a wide range of organisations in an ongoing way to

  • enhance and maintain a collective culture that promotes the safety of children and young people;
  • review, design and execute specific policies and procedures to protect children and young people;
  • provide relevant training to management, staff and volunteers;
  • engage the involvement of children, young people and their parents/carers in safeguarding practices;
  • implement a consistent set of endorsed operational standards at every level; and,
  • respond effectively to situations in which a child is abused or exploited by an individual involved in the management or delivery of a service or activity.

It is a tailored step by step process that is accompanied by expert advice, policy development and resources from experienced child protection practitioners.