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Our Services

Somerville’s Disability Services program aims to provide high quality services to people with disability living in the Northern Territory. We strive to provide innovative and best practice support that meets individuals’ needs and wants.

Services provided include:

The service takes great pride in its endeavours to provide a person-centred service. Inherent in the Somerville Disability Services operating procedures are:

  • Disability Services Act (1986)
  • National Disability Services Standards (2013)
  • Person-Centred Practices including
  • Person-Centred Thinking
  • Person-Centred Planning
  • Person-Centred Active Support
  • Social Role Valorization

Together these standards and theories provide Somerville with the framework to provide the best possible support to all people within our service. They also ensure that we are working towards not only identifying and acknowledging but achieving the needs, wants, desires and aspirations of the people we support. In doing so we are ensuring that our service users have opportunities for engagement, choice and above all experience the ‘good things in life’ and have “The courage to be…”.