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Medium Term Accommodation

Medium term accommodation is funding for somewhere to live if you can’t move into your long term home because your disability supports aren’t ready.

Medium term accommodation isn’t a standalone support. It is only included in your plan as part of your other home and living support needs. It is generally funded for up to 90 days.

Funding for medium term accommodation only covers the cost of the accommodation for the time you stay there. It’s a temporary and extra cost you have due to your disability support needs.

For example, you might need medium term accommodation while you wait for your home modifications to be completed. Or you’ve already secured a long term home, such as Specialist Disability Accommodation, but you’re waiting for another person to move out before you can move in.

Funding for medium term accommodation doesn’t include day-to-day living costs like food, internet or electricity. It also doesn’t include any personal care supports or other supports you get in your home. These other disability supports are funded separately if you need them while you stay in medium term accommodation.