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Support Coordination

Somerville’s Support Coordination Services will help you put your plan into action.

Somerville is registered to provide the following levels of Support Coordination :

  • Coordination of Support: Assistance to identify and link you to service providers, negotiate service agreements and undertake monitoring and review activities.
  • Specialist Support Coordination: A short term option available to people with very complex service coordination issues.

At Somerville we can support you to:

  • Identify the services you need and want
  • Link you to the best services to meet your needs and wants
  • Negotiate service agreements with these services
  • Organise when your services will occur
  • Obtain quotes for services
  • Help you when you need extra supports
  • Monitor your plan
  • Help you prepare for your NDIS plan review

For more information on Somerville’s Support Coordination Services please contact us on (08) 89204100 or email us at supportcoordination@somerville.org.au