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Crossing the Divide

Somerville is proud to announce a heartwarming new chapter in the Territory story, Crossing the Divide, the story of Somerville Community Services.In 1942 Margaret Somerville led 95 children to safety, from Croker Island to Sydney, as enemy forces approached northern Australia. Together, they crossed the continent. In 1965, Margaret’s example inspired the creation of Somerville Homes, now Somerville Community Services Inc. ‘Somerville’ exists to make all Territory lives better – helping those who need a hand and making the Territory a better place.

Somerville Community Services helps people cross the divide between disadvantage and advantage.

Crossing the Divide is a book for all Australians, telling a story of compassion and commitment through fifty years, woven through the unique Northern Territory context – where so many circumstances mean that ‘it’s different up here.’

The book is available for purchase at $39.95, plus $17.00 postage and handling (Australia only). If you wish to obtain a copy, please contact us on phone (08) 8920 4100, fax (08) 8920 4101 or email at scs@somerville.org.au.

Alternatively, you can print an order form and mail it to:

Somerville Community Services
PO Box 42644
Casuarina NT 0811